Hello dear visitor,

welcome on the site of Soundwings. My name is Eveline Geusen.
My mission is to live in a world where people live from their heart and soul, loving and respecting themselves, others, animals and nature.
With my work as a (sound)healer and through forwarding channeled messages I wish to contribute to this.


As a healer I work with my hands, voice and crystals.
I am clairsentient and clairaudient, highly intuïtive and sensitive.
I give my sessions at home or on Skype.

Channeled messages

I channel messages from the spiritual masters of light and angels.
They want to reach many people with their messages to bring love, hope and guidance.
You find the messages on this page.

More about me

I am trained in the field of body oriented therapy, voice-expression, healing, reading and channeling.
I love to work with the combination of body awareness, voice, energy and spirituality.
Working with body awareness, body- en voice expression helps you to connect to yourself, process emotions. You find relaxation, inner peace and are being vitalized.
Being connected to your body and being ground gives you a solid base when you do spiritual work. It helps you integrate the higher energies.
I live in the Netherlands.

Sessions and your investment

  • (sound)healing, reading and/or channeling.
    Individual session at my office or on Skype.
    € 75 for one hour, we arrange the payment in advance.
  • group session sound healing online.
    Prices are being shown in the announcement of the session.

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